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An idea I had back in 2009 was to go through each country alphabetically and cook a meal that represents that country. I referred to it as food from around the world. At the time it started and ended with Afghanistan, as we got busy amongst other things (I was still in school). This year however we started up again with Albania. I decided to keep entries on Live Journal in the hopes that it will give me the added motivation to continue (and hopefully complete) this project.

The rules are simple: Cook one main meal and one dessert. Trying to keep as traditional as possible. Bearing in mind I haven't been to any other country. So what I choose will be entirely based on what I find on the internet and in books.

Note: I am unfortunately allergic to tomatoes. This undoubtedly makes it hard when choosing recipes from certain countries, especially in the Mediterranean.

1.      Afghanistan: 14/02/2009

Main: Chicken with Rice and Carrots (Qabuli Palau/Kabuli Palow)

Dessert: Creamy Milk Pudding

o   From memory the dessert was really nice. A good balance. Compared to the more recent desserts that I have been looking up which are rather sweet.

2.      Albania: 04/06/2016

Main: Tave kosi (baked lamb and rice with yoghurt) http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/tave-kosi-baked-lamb-and-rice-yoghurt

Dessert: Revani – Albanian Cake http://www.internationalcuisine.com/revani/

o   The Revani was still rather sweet even though less sugar was used

o   Both dishes hade the same main ingredient, yoghurt. It was realised afterwards that we probably should have varied it up a bit more. I'll need to remember this for future countries. I recommend having them individually rather than on the same night.

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