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2016-07-24 05:08 pm
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My Cultural Kitchen

An idea I had back in 2009 was to go through each country alphabetically and cook a meal that represents that country. I referred to it as food from around the world. At the time it started and ended with Afghanistan, as we got busy amongst other things (I was still in school). This year however we started up again with Albania. I decided to keep entries on Live Journal in the hopes that it will give me the added motivation to continue (and hopefully complete) this project.

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2016-06-24 02:28 pm
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I'm flowergirls93. I'm not much of a speaker, or writer in this case, but I thought Id give it a go. I am very much interested in world culture and am open to others views & opinions. You can learn a lot from people if you take the time.
My friends don't often share the same interests as me, so it would be great to make new ones who do.

Thank you for the time
Lots of love